Shuttle Car Pallet Storage System

E&E shuttle systems are used when quick material transport and short access times are required. They are also a crucial component of a cost-optimized logistics chain. Flexibility with regard to capacity and high performance of the shuttle systems is essential.

The task: Optimal warehouse consolidation, fast access and optimized ROI combined with reliable and flexible technology.

The solution: Compared to mini-load and common storage - retrieval machines, shuttle systems consist of flexible vehicles to transport individual units in a channel storage system. The vehicle travels on rails, but independent of the rack structure on storage levels.

The shuttle car pallet system is an especially economic solution for highly dynamic pallet handling in a channel storage system. The shuttle car pallet system storage device consisting of a transfer carriage and lifting device for the E&E Orbiter System (SOS), an extremely flexible load handling device.

Since it runs on two rails, it does not require any upper guide rails. It is also possible to use many such devices on top of each other in order to scale the shuttle car pallet system to customer-specific requirements. When stacked, the feed-in and retrieval of the pallets is done via vertical lifts. The shuttle car pallet system and lifts work together to form a system where the storage capacity can be effectively heightened and the efficiency of the logistic solution can be increased.