Refrigeration System

Refrigeration, or cooling process, is the removal of unwanted heat from a selection object, substance, or space and its transfer to another object, substance, or space. Removal of heat lowers the temperature and may be accomplished by use of ice, snow, chilled water or mechanical refrigeration.

Our refrigeration system normally supply for chiller temperature 0-6 degrees Celsius, -18 to -25 degrees Celsius for freezing product storage and -40 degrees Celsius is blasting and freezing the seafood or meat until -15 to -18 degrees Celsius as core product temperature.

Normally our refrigeration system is custom structure pack and the facilities of refrigeration is from European brand. The design by parallel system/multi system with advance monitoring system. The refrigeration can divided by Freon and Ammonia System ( Especially for big cold storage ).

Capacity for system for 10-10,000 tonnes storage depend on customer request.