Flake Ice Machine

The ice flaker always used in the frozen seafood industries, seafood products processing industries poultry processing industries, supermarket and others related industries. The flake ice is warmly welcomed for its cleanness, shapeliness, whiteness, glittering and translucent as well as low temperature to firstly keep the food fresh such as fish, shrimp, meat and chicken. Sometimes, the machines also used in the field of aquatic food and meat product processing, fowl butchering medical facilities, dye chemical industry, mines concrete construction project, etc. The capacity is from 0.5Tons to 60Tons per 24 hours. The ice flake machine is safety, convenience, obdurability, stability, low-consumption and high-precision.

Performance Features

  • High efficiency and energy saving. By utilizing the advanced internally-scraping ice mode, energy consumption is lowered. Evaporator is made of special alloy, so the heat transfer efficiency is high.
  • Weldless formed ice srapper. The stainless steel ice scrapper formed without weld. Even by long time scraping, the scrapper keep still obdurability, and the ice dropped is sizable with nearly no powder.
  • Safety and sanitation. Components of flake ice machine are made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy and PE material, so the machine ice dry and pure, which can meet the sanitation requirement of HACCP and FDA.
  • Simple maintenance and convenient assembly. With module design, the routine maintenance is very convenient, and it is easy to assembly or move the equipment.
  • High reliability and low failure rate. The structure of flake ice machine is designed for long term and high load operation, and the critical components world-advanced products. Micro processor is use to trouble shooting when machine failure so that easy to detect the failure of machine by user.