Selective Storage System

The most common Selective Storage system used in warehouses-adjustable pallet racking system offers greater selectivity, economy and versatility. With very narrow aisle widths depending on the types of material handling equipment all derivatives of adjustable pallet racking systems are available from E&E .

The possibility of constructing multi-tier storage systems with load bearing walkway further widens the range of storage solutions. Selective storage systems is the most popular storage system used in third party logistics distribution centers, raw material and finished goods warehouses and in wholesale and retail businesses where many types and varieties of goods are stored. Its main feature is the ability to select any Pallets anywhere in the warehouse instantly. First-in First-out (FIFO) principle can be practiced in a selective racking systems resulting in better stock rotation. The lower cost per pallet location compared with other racking systems, plus the use of economical material handling equipment translates into lower capital investment. Strong safety barriers, column guards, impact absorbent post guards, pallet back stops, pallet support bars, timber and steel decking panels are some of the pallet racking accessories which are designed for the safe use of selective racking systems.


  • Total stock control: there is a single pallet per storage space
  • Maximum adaptability to any load type both in terms of weight and volume
  • Can be combined with Box beams for manual goods selection

The storage capacity of our adjustable pallet racking can be increased by installing double-deep racks, giving the option to store four pallets back-to-back rather than two (requires a deep reach forkift).