Multitier Shelving Storage System

Constructed and designed using E&E racking components, Multi-tier Racking system is the solution for storage of small to medium parts. The racking system maximizes the headroom available in a warehouse. Thereby creating more storage space. Access to the platform levels are via structural steel staircase. All exposed edges are installed with tubular steel handrails and kick plates. If required, loading gate are provided for loading and picking of pallets on and from the platform. Depending on the requirements, plywood or steel or mesh grating can be used as floor decking material. Supporting the floor are steel joists or profiles designed to take the loads. Shelf levels can be decked with plywood or steel panels.

A simple, manual storage and archiving system for light and medium loads. With its wide range of available accessories, panels, dividers and labels, it is the ideal solution for ordered storage of organizing products into sections. Levels can be divided to allow perfect classification of small parts, folders, archives, hanging documents and more.


  • Modular shelving that is easy to assemble, adjust and move around
  • Extensive range of components and accessories to adapt to your needs
  • Gangways can be installed to provide access to upper levels
  • Ideal for office shelving, shops and other commercial spaces where a more attractive appearance is needed
  • Shelves can be placed on mobile bases for archives and warehouses